CSiBE code size benchmark for GCC

All toolchains built with gnu_toolchain_build_buddy

CSiBE v2.1.1 sources downloaded from CSiBE homepage and modified some to make it runnable from Ubuntu 14.04 shell.

A newer CSiBE page is at CSiBE newer homepage.
All CSiBE Sources +modifications by me can be downloaded here or full package here

Starting from GCC 8.2.0, I found out that several source files in CSiBE sources contained use of uninitialized variables, which resulted in undeterministic code generation. This was patched also and removed by me. Fully pached version can be downloaded here here and corresponding used create-config
All result-size files and summary can be downloaded here.
Graph was copied from D3 gallery

Below benchmark is for arm9e thumb1 code, download result files above for arm9e arm, cortex-m0, cortex-m3 thumb2. This page was last updated 2022-05-08